Glory Days Retirement Home (Exclusive Nursing Home) . We focus on Comfort, Relaxation, Rehabilitation & Exclusive Nursing Care

We have been operation for more than 20 years. At present we have 2 branches which are located in Jalan Vermont and Jalan Free School. In Glory Days, we emphasized in quality and great living experience. Rest assure your stay with us will be good and memorable.

Nursing Home - Jalan Vermont

The retirement home is newly setup (Dec 2017) where we focus on comfort, good living experience and a place where residents will never feel the pressure of being neglected by their loves one. The setup in the Retirement Home promises the feel of belonging and treasured. The home is fully furnished with Wifi, beautiful contemporary furniture,  private rooms, large gardens, big relaxation hall, fantastic viewing deck and playrooms.

  • Nurses & Caretakers 24 hours a day
  • Focus on Healing
  • Great Nursing Care
  • Daily meals provided
  • Daily Simple Physio
  • Regular blood pressure checkup
  • Assist in bathing
  • Assist in eating
Retirement Home - Jalan Free School

This is our first nursing home and has been operating for more than 20 years. We focus on great healthcare and nursing care. 90% of the residents that occupied this nursing home  needs comprehensive healthcare treatment and nursing aid. Mild, sever and chronic patients can register here for nursing care.

  • New and Recently Renovated
  • Focus on relaxation
  • Great Living Experience
  • Does not feel like a Nursing Home
  • Does not feel like a Old Folks Home
  • Great care by our staff
  • Low Density
  • Large Garden
  • Good Food * Premium 5 Star Quality
  • Nice environment
  • Wifi Included
  • Clean Coway Water
  • Air conditioned
  • Large Viewing Deck (Sofa to seat)
  • We do provide share or private rooms
  • 2 Dining Hall
  • 1 Large common hall to mingle